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GenConnect In The Community.

GenConnect, a cohort and non-for-profit focused on reciprocal learning and engagement between Surrey Seniors and youth, hosted their first Apna Mela back in August to work on creating a strong intergenerational connections in the Punjabi community of Surrey! By lifting the barrier between generations, they were able to show their grandparents how they care by putting on the event. Check out what else GenConnect had to say:

“We’re in this because we want to be, because we genuinely want seniors and our communities to be happier.”

“We’ve grown so close as a community and we really care about each other and lift each other up. I feel like these connections are going to last beyond Gen Connect.”

“What if Surrey was known for its cultural experiences because there’s so many different ethnicities here and everyone likes to celebrate their culture in their own way? Surrey’s actually a really nice place to live. Everyone stays as one, everyone has their different beliefs and goes through different things, but when it comes to community gatherings we all come together and have fun.”


“A lot of people out there are trying to design services for communities rather than with them. What Gen Connect has shown is that when you design a program with a community as part of that community it works so much better because you have that insider knowledge and perspective on what is needed.”